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Individual approach to every customer

Our Project Management stretches over seventeen years individual experience in business as project managers and we continue to refine and modify it to reflect the changing needs of the built environment, technology and our clients.



We’re experts at leading and managing project teams through the complex processes of planning, design and construction. Our involvement in the early stages of your project offers you the greatest opportunity to most effectively control costs, schedule and quality.

We advise you on construction feasibility issues and proactively manage on-going change by working with design and construction professionals during the strategic development of your project. This enables us to anticipate and respond quickly to project conditions and keep your project moving forward.


Staff Augmentation involves locating an individual with the appropriate skill set and qualifications to fill a temporary position within an existing organizational hierarchy.

Outsourcing project management and technical staff is a strategic tool for improving performance and managing cash flow in rapidly growing operating companies and in lean times augmenting staff for short-term projects without the need to add long term staff and the associated overhead. Outsourcing engineering projects is a means to bring specialized expertise and new ideas into an organization.


This involves an evaluation of a project and is designed to determine project financial viability and technical feasibility. Generally, a feasibility study precedes technical development and project implementation.

Our assessment is based on an outline design of system requirements in terms of Input, Processes, Output, Fields, Programs, and Procedures. This can be quantified in terms of volumes of data, trends, frequency of updating, etc. in order to estimate whether the project is viable or not. This means that feasibility is the study of the based in outline.


In today’s business environment, providing Development Management, Project Management and Investor Representation isn’t just about managing a process. Clients choose EPL to broaden their resources and extend their expertise...manage risk and make sound decisions....leverage knowledge of specific markets, and ensure the success of their investment.

At EPL, we make it our business to understand your vision and what success means to you.

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