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Elite Projects Limited was founded with the mission of providing objective tenant representation, project programming, construction administration, facilities management and Finance procurement for our client. Since incorporation the firm has grown to become one of the most respected project management firms in Kenya and have managed projects within Nairobi and many other areas. We have worked with hundreds of clients totaling millions of square feet of space in virtually every type of business. Some specific industries have included; Land procurement, finance procurement, real estate development, Real estate marketing, Joint Venture structuring and many others.

We bring professional expertise and a personal commitment to achieve your project goals. Your needs, values and aspirations drive everything we do. With insight into your challenges and a passion for finding solutions, we go to great lengths to realize your vision.

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Our Core Principles


To Promote best practice standards and methodologies into a project management discipline that advances the core vision and mission of Elite Projects Limited Strategic Plan through a comprehensive plan comprising practice, training, and a set of guiding principles.



Provide project management leadership, expertise and experience, and training to project teams for initiating, planning, guiding implementations and project completions. The primary responsibilities are to manage and control triple project constraints by ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule, within budget, and within scope.



We operate our business consistent with a set of core values and operating principles. Our values translate into our work style - in the manner that we conduct ourselves, in our day-to-day operations, in our personal interactions and even in the people with whom we do business. We believe living these values distinguishes our firm.



Our approach goes way beyond the technical approach only. We’re proactive, spotting potential problems before they happen and managing the outcome. We’re responsive. We do our level best and always exceed expectations, and we’re commercially minded. That’s why our clients trust us to be their eyes and ears, whether we’re monitoring or managing their development or whole project programmes. The major components of Diversified Project Management’s Methodology are People, Process and Tools. We harnesses many years of combined staff knowledge, training, expertise and experience in conjunction with our standard operating procedures and latest technological tools to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.


Our team of experienced project management professionals comes to us with backgrounds in real estate, architecture, engineering, interior design, space planning, construction, Finance procurement and facilities management. We are constantly investing in the development of our staff through monthly internal staff training classes as well as external continuing education, certifications and industry organization participation.


Our Process consists of a defined set of procedures and templates that enable each and every client to be approached in a consistent, productive and efficient manner. This Process defines roles and responsibilities, enables effective communications, manages client expectations and insures quality implementations, which in turn, leads to satisfied clients and employees


Our Tools consist of standard forms and templates to maintain continuity and to establish a method of quality control. The Tools are comprised of over 90 templates and forms that have been developed to ensure seamless support to the Process and provide a uniform information gathering and dispersing process. These tools include templates for project budgets and schedules, proposals (RFPs) and bid analysis, asset inventory, construction documents, move procedures, etc. and can be customized for each of our client’s individual needs.


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Elite Projects Company (K) Limited.

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